We want to hear from you!!

Butternut Valley is a new community and Council is looking at what priorities we should be focusing on and we want to hear from you! What types of things would you like to see in your community? We like big ideas, little ideas, short term and long term ideas! Send your idea to info@butternutvalley.ca


All things roads! (Roads, Snowplowing, Ditching, Driveway Culverts etc.)

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) is still responsible for the roads within Butternut Valley. Please forward all of your requests to DTI, but you can let us know as well. We like to keep track of issues so that we can make sure that we are supporting your requests when we speak to DTI.




Canada Post Community Mailbox

Problems with your community mailbox (plowing, lost keys, sporadic delivery etc.)?



Animal Control

New Brunswick SPCA is responsible for 2023 Animal Control Services.

This can include:




If you’ve lost your dog, please check the NBSPCA Facebook page.

Zoning, Planning and Building Permits

Not all areas of Butternut Valley have a land use or rural plan yet, but you can view all existing plans on the Kings RSC website at https://www.kingsrsc.ca.

Building permits are required throughout the province for the construction of a new building or structure as well as the demolition, relocation, alteration or replacement of an existing building or structure.

If you have any questions, you can review information on the Kings RSC website at https://www.kingsrsc.ca/waste-facility. or contact the office at (506) 432-7530 or info@KingsRSC.ca.

Solid Waste Collection

If you have a problem or a question about Solid Waste collection in Butternut Valley , please call 1-506-363-2682.

Butternut Valley follows the three-bag sorting system (blue, green, and clear bags). Waste is collected and transported to the Regional Waste Management Facility (54 McLeod Drive, Sussex) and then sent to ECO 360 in Berry Mills, NB for further processing.

For more information on sorting and to download a collection schedule, visit https://www.kingsrsc.ca/waste-facility or download the Kings RSC solid waste app in the Apple App Store or Google Playstore.

Battery & CFL Collection

Kings Regional Service Commission offers several drop off locations for used batteries and CFL bulbs. In 2022, residents recycled 3262 kgs of batteries and 274 CFLs. For a complete list of locations, please visit https://www.kingsrsc.ca.

Battery drop-off locations in Butternut Valley include:

Mobile Eco-Depot

Kings Regional Service Commission has partnered with ECO360 to host several Mobile Eco Depots around the region. This mobile service operates as a convenient drop-off location for household hazardous waste and bulky solid waste items.

Accepted items include appliances, electronic waste, furniture, small household machinery (emptied of gas and oil), construction, demolition and renovation materials, household hazardous waste (batteries, oil, paint, gas, etc.), tires (max 20” diameter).

Illegal Dumping

Illegal Dumping poses a risk to the environment and detracts from the enjoyment of the natural environment around us. For those caught and convicted, Illegal Dumping convictions fines range from $500 – $1,000,000. If you are aware of an illegal dumping site – please contact the department of Environment and Local Government at the e-mail below.



Unsightly or Dangerous Premise

If you would like to report an Unsightly or Dangerous Premises please contact 1.506.805.9810 or by sending an email to info@butternutvalley.ca with the address and a brief description.

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Meeting Minutes

For the most recent Butternut Valley meeting minutes click the link below.

Report a Problem

To report a problem or express a concern please call our office or submit it online.

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